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Grid Ex II – Disaster Drill or False Flag in the Making?

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powerWhat would we do if the power went out? How many things are dependent upon power in the average American city? Would we quickly find ourselves in an “Escape from New York” like world where it is every man for himself or would the powers-that-be be able to restore power and maintain control?

In case you haven’t heard about it, the government is planning a large scale disaster drill involving Canada, Mexico and other interested parties. The name of the drill is Grid ExII and it is a simulated attack against the power grid, resulting in no power to areas involved. They are basically war gaming what will happen if the power grid is hit, such as by an EMP (Electro magnetic pulse).

A smaller scale test was ran involving only 75 participating businesses. This particular exercise involves 150 or more participating businesses. It is also going to simulate both physical and cyber attacks against the power grid. Unlike many drills, Grid ExII is going to involve parties outside the United States, making it a curious undertaking.

In the past we have seen planned drills turn into live events, following the planned test to the letter. For instance, there was a drill on 9/11 simulating the exact type of event that was actually occurring. This created confusion and delayed any real response as responders and tower control people thought they were hearing about a drill, not a real event.u can

You can read some of the governmental plans for this drill by following this link.

Is Grid ExII a false flag in the making? There are plenty of people thinking that it might be or at least a dry run for a real future event. What do you think about this large-scale diaster drill?

Trucker Protest Planned Tomorrow

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truckersIf you haven’t heard about the Trucker protest, you’re not alone. Sadly the corporate news spend time talking to hotdog vendors about the current bit of theatre happening in Washington and ignoring the true protests and anger out here in the public. The Truckers for Freedom are a group of truckers planning a nationwide protest on Friday, October 11. The heart of the protest is to happen at the beltway, the highway that encircles the heart of Washington, DC.

The idea of the protest is to blockade the freeway, leaving a single lane open for emergency vehicles and allowing vehicles showing the “All In’ bumper sticker will be allowed to pass through. The protest was organized by Earl Conlon, a Georgia based trucker.  The trucker protest wants members of Congress arrested for failing to uphold their Constitutional duty. Specifically called out are  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.).

Conlon said, “We want these people arrested, and we’re coming in with the grand jurty to do it. We are going to ask the law enforcement to uphold their constitutional oath and make these arrests. If they refuse to do it, by the power of the people of the United States and the people’s grand jury, they don’t want to do it, we will….. We the people will find a way.”

Basically, the Truckers for freedom are tired of the widespread corruption in our elected officials. In their official press release they said that our leaders do not care about change until they are directly impacted and financially hurt. While I’m unsure if this protest will have the desired impact, there are rumors of plans to call in the National Guard to prevent truckers from making any real impact either way. If they do call out the National Guard to stop a protest it will signify an even tighter lock down on our ability to protest, have our voice hear or our concerns redressed.

We all need to support efforts like these because we only have a few ways left to be heard peacefully. If you’d like to show them your support, like their  Facebook here and share their updates on this event. If you have comments about Truckers for Freedom, we’d like to hear those too.

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Texas Schoolbook Rewriters Bill of Rights

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Have you read the Bill of Rights lately? It is a founding document that is intended to protect our rights and is a cornerstone of our society. Knowing these rights and understanding the founding principles are vitally important to having a functioning society. For those that cherish any amount of freedom, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution are considered nearly sacred.

So how do you feel about a new generation of school children learning a different version of the Bill of Rights? How do you feel about schools across the nation interpreting these documents for your children instead of giving them the actual text of the documents to learn?

Textbooks have long been the source of censorship, telling one side, coloring facts and omitting entire events, but currently we are facing a new and more dangerous problem.Text books being used by Guyer High School in Denton, Texas have redefined the Bill or Rights, adding their own spin and interpretation to these founding documents. This text book calls it a summary of rights but

One of the problems occurs in the First Amendment, where they write “Seperation of Church and State” in parentheitcals at the end of the amendment. Anybody that knows the Bill of Rights and Constitution knows that it says nothing about the seperation of church and state. They’ve added this for their own purposes, not to teach children about their rights.

Now, the more egregious alteration comes in the much debated Second Amendment. With a furious push to take away the right to keep and bare arms, it is not surprising that this amendment has been maligned, fought over and in the case of Guyer Highschool, edited to remove all power and potency.

In an Advanced Placement U.S. History textbook  the Second Amendment has been altered to say: “The people have a right to keep and bear arms in a state militia.” It doesn’t take a Constitutional scholar to reconize the problems with this rewriting of this amendment. They have completely gutted the amendment and made it appear as though the amendment says that people only have a right to have arms if they are part of a state miltia!

The Second Amendment actually says this:

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Now as you can see, the real amendment does not limit people to have arms only if they belong to a state miltia. It says the right to keep and bear arms should not be infringed. In a larger context, if you study the meaning of the words and the time fraame in which it was written, it becomes crystal clear that the founding fathers meant for future citizesn to be able to have firearms.

How much propaganda is taking place in your school? Are you aware of what your children are being taught? We want to hear from you and we hope you look through your sc

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